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Re: Submitting a package

On 10/18/2013 07:12 PM, shawn wilson wrote:
>> Basically, what you have to do first is getting to know how packaging
>> in Debian works in general and what standards packages have to adhere
>> to.
> I think I basically did this in the attached package?

No, I'm afraid not. There are many important things missing. There
is no distinct short and long description in the control file, the
changelog file does not adhere to Debian's formatting guidelines
for changelogs, the Debian copyright file is missing, so is the
symbols file and the README.Debian. I would actually have to see
your packaging sources for a proper review, I can't really do that
on a binary package.

It almost looks like you built the package manually!?

> I probably didn't do this :( Though the license is proprietary
> (basically says 'use at your own risk and don't blame me for damage')
> so I'm not sure what to call that?

According to the upstream website, libtap is covered by a modified
BSD license, see [1].

>> Furthermore, the package needs a proper control file which sets a
>> package dependencies, its supported architectures, short and
>> long description, section (for example, "sound"), distribution
>> (main, contrib or non-free), maintainer name, homepage and
>> so on.
> Hmmm, I got most of thist. I noticed most fields are optional. I guess
> every field that can be filled in should....

No, not really. Most of them are mandatory. They might be optional
to get a working package, but not one that would get accepted into
the official Debian repositories.

>> There are many other files which go into the debian directory
>> depending on the type of package and there is probably more
>> to say on that that I could fit into such an email.
>> I recommend starting to read some documentation for newbies
>> and trying to get your first proper package built. If you need
>> feedback and help on that, you should resort to the mailing
>> list and IRC channel of Debian Mentors.
> I noticed there was a #debian-dev channel on freenode that said invite
> only. Is there another non-invite -dev channel?

I don't know what #debian-dev on FreeNode is, but most of us are
in #debian-devel on OFTC. However, that's not the place to ask.

Please seek advise on the Debian Mentors mailing list [2] and
the #debian-mentors channel on OFTC.



> [1] http://www.shlomifish.org/open-source/projects/libtap/
> [2] http://lists.debian.org/debian-mentors/

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