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Re: Submitting a package

Hi Shawn!

On 10/18/2013 05:54 PM, shawn wilson wrote:
> Can someone give feadback as to anything that should be corrected in
> this package or submit it upstream?

You might want to start with the "Debian New Maintainer' Guide" [1].

Basically, what you have to do first is getting to know how packaging
in Debian works in general and what standards packages have to adhere

For example, a package must have a proper Debian copyright file which
lists the licenses of all program code components in the package. This
is necessary to make it easy for everyone who uses and - more
importantly - redistributes the package to know under what terms use
and redistribution are possible. The copyright file has to list all
copyright holders and account for possible different licenses for
different code components (e.g., some code in your package might
be GPL-2 while other parts might be covered by the MIT license).

Furthermore, the package needs a proper control file which sets a
package dependencies, its supported architectures, short and
long description, section (for example, "sound"), distribution
(main, contrib or non-free), maintainer name, homepage and
so on.

There are many other files which go into the debian directory
depending on the type of package and there is probably more
to say on that that I could fit into such an email.

I recommend starting to read some documentation for newbies
and trying to get your first proper package built. If you need
feedback and help on that, you should resort to the mailing
list and IRC channel of Debian Mentors.



> [1] http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide/

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