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Re: overriding udev rules

[Thomas Goirand]
> Oh ok. Not useful at all if you ask me. Why? Because sometimes, you
> can't change the MAC address. For example, if you use the OpenStack
> bare metal driver, then you continue to use virtual machine images,
> though they will be used on a real hardware where you can't change
> the MAC address.

So you're saying, when your NIC is tied to actual physical hardware,
udev behaves as though it is tied to actual physical hardware.

Seriously, the reason for udev to not make a VM NIC persistent is not
because it is virtual, per se, but because certain virtualization
platforms may randomly generate a MAC at boot time.  Which is not at
all the case in the example you give.

I think the problem you're trying to solve is more related to imaging
and cloning.  The fact that you're doing imaging and cloning in the
context of virtual machines instead of physical is a bit of a red

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