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Re: overriding udev rules

Am 20.08.2013 10:39, schrieb olivier sallou:
> hi,
> I need for a package to override some udev standard rules.
> If I put an identical rule name in /etc/udev/rules.d, I know it overrides
> the one in /lib/udev/rules.d
> However, lintian raises an error if I put an udev rule in /etc instead of
> /lib.
> And if I try to put the file in /lib, it fails at install because the file
> is owned by udev package.
> This particular package is for use in virtual machines creation where
> package removes default network persistence.

Could you elobarate why you need that?
The persistent network interface naming rules are already skipped if
udev is run within a virtual machine.
Might be better to just fix udev if it doesn't work in your case.
For that, it would be good to know more about your problem / use case.


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