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Re: PulseAudio

 ❦ 20 juillet 2013 10:10 CEST, Helmut Grohne <helmut@subdivi.de> :

> Your claim about removing meaningless numbering is just wrong. Like Alsa
> numbers cards PA numbers sinks. The dbus object path of a sink does not
> contain its name, but uses the sink number instead. This equally applies
> to sources, cards, profiles, samples, streams, and modules. Everything
> is identified by a number.

Most users won't use the DBus interface. They will use a more friendly
program like pavucontrol. In this program, I get profiles for each
soundcard (Analog Stereo Duplex or Digital Stereo Output or Analog 7.1
output) with the possibility to select the appropriate port without
fiddling with all those mixer controls (to use front headphones for
example). This more likely to help the user than having 20 sliders in
ALSA mixer.

>> Nobody cares about pacmd list-* being too verbose. Is it a serious
>> argument about maturity?
> I think that a program whose UI sucks, can be seriously annoying. I hope
> that giving an example does not start another flamewar. From my point of
> view the subversion UI sucked until the introduction of svn log --diff,
> because showing recent changes was too hard. This has caused me to use a
> different UI instead of svn in a few cases. I do care.
> People started to use pacmd as a programmable interface. Upstream fears
> that changes to it could break user scripts. By now it is a hybrid of a
> supposedly human-readable and a somewhat machine-readable interface.
> Other tools have avoid this trap as they matured. An example being nmap
> -o$letter.
> Worse, different UIs to PA use different terminology. What is called
> sink in pacmd is called "output device" in pavucontrol. The concept of a
> "default-sink" on side of pacmd is named "fallback device" in
> pavucontrol.

Well, for most users, pacmd is not the interface to use PulseAudio. This
is either the mixer of your desktop environment or pavucontrol. It seems
a good idea that the laters are using an easier terminology than
Make your program read from top to bottom.
            - The Elements of Programming Style (Kernighan & Plauger)

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