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Re: PulseAudio

 ❦ 19 juillet 2013 11:56 CEST, Helmut Grohne <helmut@subdivi.de> :

> So PA is not removing complexity, but adding to it. Surely a bit of
> complexity is needed to solve sophisticated tasks, but it could indeed
> do better. For instance pacmd list-* could get some verbosity switches
> and hide some details in the default view. Scanning a pacmd list-sinks
> output for the relevant info just takes too long (in addition to needing
> to scroll the terminal).

Did you see the examples of asoundrc I posted? PulseAudio removes all
this non-sense by providing mixing in almost all situations (while Alsa
is doing it out of the box only for analog output), correct setup of
output (no need to remap channels), provide a sane naming of output (no
meaningless numbered outputs), universal support for multiple input and
output devices with per-application selection, per application volume,
per application output, out of the box Bluetooth support with no need to
put a MAC address in your asoundrc, network transparency with

Nobody cares about pacmd list-* being too verbose. Is it a serious
argument about maturity?
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