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Re: PulseAudio

On 07/18/2013 06:54 AM, Scott Kitterman wrote:
I'd ask your friend why KDE is releasing stuff they don't want shipped then?

As I said. It was unfortunate that they tagged it stable. Yet, nearly
everyone who was a little involved into FOSS knew that KDE 4 simply
wasn't ready back then. It was in the news and Linux magazines
everywhere: "KDE has very new promising changes but it's not ready

On the other hand, they had to ship it at some time because they also
wanted people to test-drive it. However, the target audience was
rather developers than normal users.

That said, no matter what you think about how Kubuntu handled the KDE 4
transition though, it has nothing to do with Canonical decision making about
things like pulseaudio, upstart, etc.  Canonical management has no say in what
Kubuntu ships (and didn't during that period either), so it's a poor example
to make a point with.

Yeah, I see that. But my original point was that the many griefs and
complaints people about PulseAudio have originate from the fact that
many people already used it when it simply wasn't ready yet, so it's
not fair to use this as an argument against PA.

Nowadays, PA is very mature and useful and the majority of desktop
users are using it without any problems, or, at least they're not
raising their voices about problems.


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