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Re: simplifying running piuparts

Hi Charles,

On 2013-05-22 06:05, Charles Plessy wrote:
> it is not fully related to your original question, but do you think that piuparts
> could support running Autopkgtests as well ?

Theoretically yes, but I haven't looked into DEP8 so far ... reading ...

Quoting from the autopkgtest specification:
> The cwd of each test is guaranteed to be the root of the source
> package, which will have been unpacked but not built.  HOWEVER note

Since piuparts does not know about "source packages", this may be a bit
more difficult.
But it looks like it could be rather easy to have an --autopkgtest
option for pbuilder/sbuild as they already have the matching sources at
hand. And it could be done together with the archive wide rebuilds done
by Lucas.


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