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Re: Debian development and release: always releasable (essay)

Hi Lars,

I do like a lot the idea of running things like piuparts and such at
upload time.
If you have time to work this out with the FTP masters, that would be a very
good idea IMO, and I warmly welcome you to do that. However...

On 05/10/2013 03:49 AM, Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> Tests for running reference installation might include the following:
> * Basic networking setup works: System responds to ping from the outside.
> * Mail server responds appropriate on the SMTP, submission, IMAPS, and POPS
>   ports.
> * LAMP server responds on the HTTP and HTTPS ports.
> * A desktop system that automatically logs in a test user has the right
>   processes running, and can start some common applications.
> * In each case, it's possible to log in remotely with ssh and run
>   "sudo apt-get install hello".

These wont help. They were not the RC bugs we had during the release cycle.
I believe for example, that Apache, MySQL, and PHP were quite well
and didn't suffer from RC bugs that stayed for a long time. I didn't see
for Exim, Postfix, ssh or Bind either. We had problems with Dovecot though,
but they were well identified, and having tests against it wouldn't have
in any ways.

If you want to find out which tests would help, you would have to conduct
a better analysis of the problems we had during the freeze, IMO.


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