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Re: jessie release goals

Thomas Goirand <zigo@debian.org> writes:

> Now please, do the same reasoning with some other services,
> like Apache, pure-ftpd, or bind, and explain to me why you would
> like to have these installed, but not working.

As a developer I have often found use for having Apache installed, just
so I can start it as a user with an ad hoc configuration. This is useful
for testing the code I work on which can be either apache modules or
mod_perl applications.

For the same reason I have nginx installed, to be able to perform
experiments with how nginx needs to be configured to perform different

I don't need any of these packages to start a service listening on port
80 serving some default set of pages. As I don't have any other
webserver installed it is not a problem as such that one of them ends up
listening on port 80, but I have always found it a bit bothersome that I
just get a random deamon listening on port 80.

It have never bothered me enough to complain, but if I have been using
nginx on port 80 and stuff then suddenly broke after installing apache
(and rebooting) I might have been quite a bit irritated.

I am not complaining, just describing a scenario for having Apache
installed without wanting to use it as the system webserver. I have
never experience the same use cases for bind nor pure-ftpd.


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