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Re: Developer repositories for Debian

On 13203 March 1977, Raphael Hertzog wrote:

>>  - any member of the uploading keyrings can create a PPAMAIN using a
>>    defined interface[1].
>> [1] Most probably it will either be a signed mail or a signed .commands
>>     style file.
> While I won't question the need to support signed mails or commands files,
> I would like to argue for the support of a web interface as well.

Anyone is free to create one.

> The sheer number of operations that are possible on such repositories will
> make it difficult to remember the precise syntax of the various
> operations. A web interface is much more discoverable. Furthermore
> it's obvious that we will have web interfaces such as those used
> to track transitions and it would be nice if we could unify them at
> a single place (think: checking the tracker, then clicking a button to
> trigger/request a bin-nmu of foo, another button to import the correct version
> of bar, etc).

> I'm not asking you to create that web interface but at least to keep in
> mind the fact that someone might want to write it and as such to clearly
> separate what needs to be handled separately (mainly authentication I
> guess).

Nah, the webinterface just should end up like the DAM webinterface: You
do whatever you need, then click a button - and voila, there is
everything ready to copy/paste into a MUA. Send with sig, done.

Or it ends up giving you a commandline for $whatevertoolisTHEsuck on
that day.

bye, Joerg
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