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Re: Developer repositories for Debian

Hi Jörg,

we definitely needs something like this and your suggested set of rules
seems sane.

On Sun, 05 May 2013, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
>  - any member of the uploading keyrings can create a PPAMAIN using a
>    defined interface[1].
> [1] Most probably it will either be a signed mail or a signed .commands
>     style file.

While I won't question the need to support signed mails or commands files,
I would like to argue for the support of a web interface as well. The
sheer number of operations that are possible on such repositories will
make it difficult to remember the precise syntax of the various
operations. A web interface is much more discoverable. Furthermore
it's obvious that we will have web interfaces such as those used
to track transitions and it would be nice if we could unify them at
a single place (think: checking the tracker, then clicking a button to
trigger/request a bin-nmu of foo, another button to import the correct version
of bar, etc).

I'm not asking you to create that web interface but at least to keep in
mind the fact that someone might want to write it and as such to clearly
separate what needs to be handled separately (mainly authentication I

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