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Re: bugs.debian.org: something's wrong...

On 03/20/2013 11:54 PM, Pascal Giard wrote:
> I would have much preferred to have this disabled by default.

I would have preferred the picture thing to be hosted
without gravatar support (libravatar is hosted by a DD,
and you can host your avatar yourself if you like to).

> In short:
> I don't see the BTS as a social website

I do feel like it's a social thing, and that you do interact
with humans.

> and thus I don't quite see the
> value added by the pictures.

I do.

> To the contrary, I see them as possibly causing prejudice based on
> look

Nobody forces anyone to upload a picture in libravatar.

Nobody forces anyone to upload *only* "real" picture of
you on libravatar, you may well send a picture of mickey
mouse (well, if like me you believe that 100 years of
copyright for Disney is more than enough...).

> and getting in the way of the - perhaps too romantic - view of
> meritocracy in action.

I think it's just fun !

> The above are fine for the future. But the fact is that it's enabled
> "retroactively" and "on" by default.

I think it's like facebook. If you decide to post something
on a public site, don't complain it is later on ... public!

> That's the part that makes me the most uncomfortable.

Then don't upload anything to gravatar or libravatar.

> Same here. I've no doubt that was done with good intentions, thinking
> that was a cool feature.

But *IT IS* a cool and funny feature. I'd like to keep it,
if the gravatar tracking thing can be removed (I do
trust the libravatar).


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