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git-remote-hg/bzr (was: Doing an anonymous git clone from bitbucket: is it possible?)


Thomas Goirand wrote:
> BTW, I've came across:
> http://felipec.wordpress.com/2012/11/13/git-remote-hg-bzr-2/
> and thought it was cool.

That's very cool indeed, thanks for that pointer!

> Does anyone think it's worth having it in Debian?

I think so. The used concept and architecture seems superior to any
external tools of which we have a few in Debian already:

git-bzr-ng - bi-directional git to bzr bridge: never fear bzr again
tailor - migrate changesets between version control systems

The following ones seem to be either one-way or rather clients that
can connect to git repository than git clients that can connect to
other VCS repositories:

hg-fast-export - mercurial to git converter using git-fast-import
bzr-fastimport - Fast-import/fast-export plugin for Bazaar
mercurial-git - Git plugin for Mercurial
bzr-git - Bazaar plugin providing Git integration

I suspect that these relate to some of the alternatives linked in the

> I haven't find a license information though. It looks like it is
> a part of Git itself, as per this repo:
> https://github.com/felipec/git/

The plugin architecture itself is already in Debian. At least Git from
Experimental says:

$ git clone "hg::http://selenic.com/repo/hello";
Cloning into 'hello'...
fatal: Unable to find remote helper for 'hg'

So only the plugin itself seems missing.

But downloading these to files and copying them into $PATH makes it

$ git clone "hg::http://selenic.com/repo/hello";
Cloning into 'hello'...

> Does anyone know if it is going to be part of upstream Git releases?

>From the posting: "Soon they might be merged into upstream git, so
they would be distributed as other contrib scripts (e.g.
/usr/share/git), and eventually possibly enabled by default."

So I guess for now, there's no action needed by Debian. Just always
use Git from Experimental and keep it up to date. ;-)

		Regards, Axel
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