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Unable to find RC bug targets to squash


when beeing at Debian Med sprint I explicitely recommended the
participants to also look above our fence for general bugs inside Debian
because also Debian Med development is somehow stalled in the times of
freeze.  However, when discussing this I found that other DDs made the
very same observation I did before:  It is really hard to find a
reasonable target to squash for some outsider.  In December I found some
targets for squashing and I tried to apply some "one RC bug per week
policy" onto myself (we also counted these in our Debian Med bug squash
calendar[1].)  However, I failed in keeping this 1 RC bug per week up
and running just because I realised that a there exist a lot of bugs
with at least one of the following features:

  1) technically hard to address without doing heavy research to
     update my knowledge in specific fields / programming languages
  2) unable to reproduce because lack of the specific hardware
  3) controverse discussion of different opinions and hard to
     decide who is "right" or "wrong"

There were other people in the face to face meeting and also signs
online (like [2]) that people made similar observations.  I agree wis
Niels[2] that it might be time for other means than just waiting for bug
squashers and it might be the time where release team (possibly in
contact with TC) should try to find decisions in cases like 3) in my
list above and make themselves unpopular for one part of the people
involved in the bug report discussion and draw some decision.

I wonder in how far I could do my share in the bug count reduction
business.  Perhaps in helping finding bugs belonging into such
categories to attract the right people to the right bug and help
reducing the time for people to detect a reasonable target for

Kind regards


[1] http://debian-med.alteholz.de/advent/
[2] https://nthykier.wordpress.com/2013/02/28/wheezy-release-progress-february/


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