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Re: Unable to find RC bug targets to squash

On Fri, Mar 01, 2013 at 10:29:49AM +0100, Andreas Tille wrote:
> However, I failed in keeping this 1 RC bug per week up
> and running just because I realised that a there exist a lot of bugs
> with at least one of the following features:
>   1) technically hard to address without doing heavy research to
>      update my knowledge in specific fields / programming languages
>   2) unable to reproduce because lack of the specific hardware
>   3) controverse discussion of different opinions and hard to
>      decide who is "right" or "wrong"

I'm using an UDD bookmarked search [1] to find interesting RC bugs (not
pending or patch, applicable to wheezy main) for some time. It now has 55
bugs and for last several months the only bugs that I could anything about
were bugs reported recently. Everything else is either something I cannot
do anything about because I'm not familiar with the package (like
licensing problems or conffile/symlink/whatever else problems on upgrade),
impossible to test (like problems on non-x86 arches) or already worked on
(especially some months ago most interestingly looking bugs without patch
and pending tags already contained lengthy discussions or messages that
they will be fixed soon). This means while they say we have about 200 RC
bugs there is nothing for me to help.

Some more numbers: there are 178 bugs on the page provided by nthykier
[2]. If we ignore "packages not in main", "fixed in deferred/delayed", "RT
tag for wheezy: will-remove", "RT tag for wheezy: can-defer" and "marked
as done" we get 106 bugs. 

Out of those there are 30 bugs tagged patch, 16 bugs tagged
pending and 14 bugs tagged security. If we ignore those, we get 60 bugs. 

I've opened 4 random bugs:

#683188 API change in python-subversion breaks trac
"Testing already has SWIG 2.0.7, so rebuilding python-subversion should
fix this if SWIG is run during the build."

#701944 emacs23 fails to install due to /etc/emacs23 does exist for
byte-compilingclone -1 ccrypt
"Severity set to 'normal' from 'serious'; Added tag(s) moreinfo." (today)

#701134 php-soap: directory vs. symlink conflict: /usr/share/php/doc
"Added tag(s) patch." (today)

#684604 eclipse-rcp: eclipse 3.8 hangs on splash screen with "Loading
Workbench" after update from 3.7.2
I do not know anything about eclipse internals and there is already active
discussion with the maintainer so I don't see how can I help here.

[1] http://deb.li/3F9u1
[2] http://udd.debian.org/bugs.cgi?release=wheezy&merged=ign&fnewerval=7&rc=1&sortby=id&sorto=asc&chints=1&caffected=1


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