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Go (golang) packaging, part 2


I have been in contact with a few Go people and we have worked out the

Go libraries (not binaries!) should be present in Debian _only_ for the
purpose of building Debian binary packages. They should not be used
directly for Go development¹.

Go library Debian packages such as golang-codesearch-dev will ship the
full source code (required) in /usr/lib/gocode plus statically compiled
object files (not required, but no downsides) compiled with gc from
the golang-go Debian package.

At least at the moment, binaries must be linked statically since dynamic
linking is not yet a viable solution². I acknowledge that this
introduces some unfortunate implications (as discussed in the previous
thread), but we have no alternative at the moment and I think we can
make it work reasonably well.

I intend to upload the codesearch package soon as an example (and
because it’s useful ;-)).

① https://wiki.debian.org/MichaelStapelberg/GoPackaging#Why_should_I_use_.2BIBw-go_get.2BIB0_instead_of_apt-get_to_install_Go_libraries.3Fhttp://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.lang.go.general/81527/focus=81687
  iant (gccgo maintainer) states that one cannot use the go tool to
  build a shared library.

Best regards,

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