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Re: Go (golang) packaging, part 2

* Michael Stapelberg:

> Go libraries (not binaries!) should be present in Debian _only_ for
> the purpose of building Debian binary packages. They should not be
> used directly for Go development¹.

This is a pity for those of us who don't really subscribe to "get
everything from github as needed" model of distributing software.

> Go library Debian packages such as golang-codesearch-dev will ship the
> full source code (required) in /usr/lib/gocode plus statically
> compiled object files (not required, but no downsides) compiled with
> gc from the golang-go Debian package.

Since one of the stated goals of the Go language and also the golang
compiler are fast builds: How about using the Emacs / Common-Lisp /
Python approach: Ship only source files in the .deb packages and build
object files during post-install?

> At least at the moment, binaries must be linked statically since dynamic
> linking is not yet a viable solution². I acknowledge that this
> introduces some unfortunate implications (as discussed in the previous
> thread), but we have no alternative at the moment and I think we can
> make it work reasonably well.

How does gccgo fit into this picture, apart from the problem that object
files generated using gccgo are not compatible with those generated
using golang-go?

> I intend to upload the codesearch package soon as an example (and
> because it’s useful ;-)).

Having found codesearch to be very useful, I am looking forward to that.

Thank you for coordinating things with upstream.


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