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Re: No native packages?

Arno Töll <arno@debian.org> writes:

> Hi,
> On 27.01.2013 19:32, Gergely Nagy wrote:
>> There are two native packages I maintain, and I've yet to hear a good
>> reason for making either of them non-native. 
> Not knowing your use cases in particular, it would often be good enough
> if we could restrict native packages to use cases, where they actually
> were designed for.

Completely agreed.

> We have native packages in Debian where people deliberately use them,
> because they are more convenient (i.e. less strict) and easier to use
> (no need for orig tarballs). I don't think we should endorse that any
> further, so I agree with Jakub in that.

Perhaps we should figure out how to make it easier to create orig
tarballs (though, gitpkg does a pretty good job there, imo), and prod
the native (ab)users to see how their workflow can be made easier even
with non-native packaging.


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