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Re: [RFC] Go (golang) packaging

* Michael Stapelberg <michael+debian@stapelberg.de> [130101 14:45]:
> Furthermore, the package names should be e.g. “golang-codesearch” for
> the library code.google.com/p/codesearch

Please also consider "codesearch-golang". Especially with longer package
names not everything can show the full name so the beginning should be
the more important information.

> (and of course just “codesearch” for the binaries).

I assume s/binaries/sources/? And I'd suggest to just not policy the
source package names at all (as there really is no "one rule who fits
them all" and there is no reason to have a rule there at all).

Another question: Have you considered asking for a archive Section for
those packages? I guess with no special section yet all those packages
would be section libdevel as they are for static linking only, wouldn't

        Bernhard R. Link

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