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[RFC] Go (golang) packaging


I am co-maintainer of the golang package and spent a few hours on trying
to figure out how to best create Debian packages for libraries and
programs which are implemented in Go.

I have documented my thoughts, conclusions and example packaging on:

Essentially, I propose that /usr/lib/gocode is used on Debian to store
the “src” and “pkg” folders which contain the .go files and compiled
versions (respectively) of Go libraries.

Furthermore, the package names should be e.g. “golang-codesearch” for
the library code.google.com/p/codesearch (and of course just
“codesearch” for the binaries).

To make go(1) find libraries when compiling, one normally sets the
environment variable $GOPATH to ~/gocode or similar. I propose to patch
Go in Debian so that it always appends /usr/lib/gocode when reading the
list of paths from $GOPATH.

Any feedback is appreciated. Please read the wiki page before you
comment, it contains more rationale than this email. Thanks.

Best regards,

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