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Re: feedback

Your logic is inherently flawed.

Fact is, if you do you research you will find that Ubuntu is built from Debian, thus is a form of it. 

Reality is Ubuntu when it first came was very little more than a version of Debian packaged to be easier to use and install, and slowly is has gained more unique features and characteristics to extent where Ubuntu is somewhat more distinct.

However, you get under the hood, you still will find it has the debian base.

Everytime you install package in Ubuntu, is installed using the Debian package manager!

Ubuntu is a form of Debian your f...... a...h..e.

Ubuntu you may find easier to use, but it relies on Debian base to be what it is.

So stop throwing abuse at people who make what you use possible, because that's exactly what you are doing criticising and abusing the Debian developers! If I could I would personally ensure that you had no access to anything Debian developers have created for you're idiotic and ignorant attitudes, and if I did that, it would mean you had no Ubuntu, would be such a shame, er not!


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