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Re: Feedback

Do remember we have found this guy out to be a troll, so he was probably not on the whole trying to make much in the way of constructive comment.

Although I think it is wise to include version numbers with version names often enough to create a clear understanding of the different versions.


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From: olivier sallou <olivier.sallou@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2012 09:42:03 +0100
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Le 25 déc. 2012 14:09, "Mistikos Nik" <kolusion@yandex.com> a écrit :
> Debian documentation is a joke. It constantly refers to Debian versions by their nick names, and not their versions.
Such version naming does not reduce the global quality and quantity of our doc, even if it could of course be improved.

> If I am new to Debiannd go to read the manual and I see 'Squeeze', do you think I am going to know what the fuck that means? No, but if Debian actually used the official name, then it would fall in line with conistency. I.E documentation for 'Debian 6'

Not sure people will rather know which version number is current one but I agree that version numbering is easier to follow history of features....   Doc could refer to both.
When I install Ubuntu, I usually remember more easilly its version number than its name

> People outside the development circle arn't going to know what Debian jargon.
> This is a classic case of computer nerds lacking social skills. If you don't have good documentation, then the product isn't going to get used.

If documentation is important I don't think it is related to the distro choice. I don't think so many people have read the Ubuntu  or Mac OS one.
Doc is often used as helpers when somethIng is wrong and Debian offers lots of thing in its wiki for this plus internet contributions of course

> Debian use to be really popular. Now only old people use it. Why because new comers will choose a well documented distro over one that doesn't make sense. Life is too short to fuck around.
Doc is a work that anyone can contribute to, so I think you are welcome to help us improve it:-)

> Merry Christmas!
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