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Re: Really, about udev, not init sytsems

> I do not agree that reconfiguring your machine to avoid an initrd is a
> normal standard desktop configuration. There's also several other things
> about your setup which I would argue are not standard (see below)
Well no but are you trying to argue that my problems are due to my kernel 
configuration or this is just friendly chat?

> Despite the fact we're in freeze and the focus of attention for maintainers
> is to fix RC bugs and get wheezy out the door, ⅓ of the bugs you've
> submitted have been fixed. That sounds pretty good to me!
A bug fixed is always good :-)

> ¹ Indicates you don't have libpam-systemd installed, which means you have
> set apt install recommends to "false": another deviation from "standard
> desktop configuration". 
Yeah that is due to most packages recommending completely unrelated and random 
things, so one ends up having security holes caused by running non manually 
configured services which were installed this way. But I don't want to start 
opening bugs and argue with every single maintainer about this because i know 
that most of them would send me to hell.
But i still think that finding a mail daemon installed as a result of 
installing a graphical application is odd.

> Also the last maintainer mail on the bug says "This looks like a bug in the
> fetchmail init script".
Well it could be, I just reported the bug, not sent a patch to fix it.

> ² wicd? Another deviation from "standard desktop configuration"
On debian-installer "desktop" = gnome, and i use KDE, which means I've 
installed my system starting from a basic one and doing apt-get install, which 
i believe is still the standard way on debian to install stuff.

What i meant by standard desktop was:
- I have xorg
- I don't have RAID, LVM, crypto, /usr on NFS
- I don't have a pinned system with packages coming from every release
- I don't need the network at all to boot the system


Salvo Tomaselli

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