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Re: Really, about udev, not init sytsems

On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 12:19:22PM +0100, Salvo Tomaselli wrote:
> I am using systemd on my laptop, i have a very default system configuration,
> (except that i compile my own kernel to avoid initrd)…
> …if I, with a normal, standard desktop configuration 

I do not agree that reconfiguring your machine to avoid an initrd is a normal
standard desktop configuration. There's also several other things about your
setup which I would argue are not standard (see below)

> can find that many bugs in a software that is supposed to be extremely stable, 
> how many bugs would people with more specific setups find in it?

Despite the fact we're in freeze and the focus of attention for maintainers
is to fix RC bugs and get wheezy out the door, ⅓ of the bugs you've submitted
have been fixed. That sounds pretty good to me!

It's also unfair to necessarily suggest that the three bugs you've filed are
bugs in systemd itself. They could be bugs in the packaging of systemd, bugs
in service files supplied by other packages, or bugs in other daemons that
are exposed by running systemd. I suppose they could also not be bugs at all.
That's certainly the maintainer's opinion for one of the ones you submitted.
You also say in another bug yourself "I know the bug is in wicd". I think
you are being pretty disingengous about systemd and your experiences.

(I've only briefly scanned over the three you have submitted: #694048¹, 
#661239² and #693522).

> So I honestly quite like systemd but I think it should be in alpha-testing 
> right now.

In Debian, that's essentially the situation right now. Nobody is arguing to
make systemd the default init today.

¹ Indicates you don't have libpam-systemd installed, which means you have set
  apt install recommends to "false": another deviation from "standard desktop
  configuration". Also the last maintainer mail on the bug says "This looks
  like a bug in the fetchmail init script".
² wicd? Another deviation from "standard desktop configuration"

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