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Re: Really, about udev, not init sytsems

> Again, I am constantly asking here what these reasons might be and yet
> people always come with strawman arguments. 

You should bother to read the answers to your question then :-)

I am using systemd on my laptop, i have a very default system configuration, 
(except that i compile my own kernel to avoid initrd) and I've reported 3 bugs 
on systemd. One of them was fixed.

My point of view is that if I, with a normal, standard desktop configuration 
can find that many bugs in a software that is supposed to be extremely stable, 
how many bugs would people with more specific setups find in it?

So I honestly quite like systemd but I think it should be in alpha-testing 
right now. If the other distributions are insane and are shipping it by 
default, I don't see why that should be our problem.



Salvo Tomaselli

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