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Re: the right bug severity in case of data corruption

Darren Salt <listspam@moreofthesa.me.uk> writes:
> (Oops. Failed first time.)
> Having just viewed the raw text of my message (as sent), there's one other
> little wrinkle which I already knew but had failed to consider and which
> makes testing of this useless: gpg handles any 'From ' lines itself in a
> reversible manner, using '- ' as the prefix.
> The following SHOULD be 0, 1, and 2 levels of quoting, first to last.
>>From blahhityblah Fri Jul  8 12:08:34 2011
>>From foobarbaz Fri Jul  8 12:08:34 2011
>>>From quux Fri Jul  8 12:08:34 2011

This is looking different here, but I am not using any mbox* at all...
Are you sure you sent it with 0 quotes?



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