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Re: major linux problems summary 2012


Salvo Tomaselli has written on Saturday,  3 November, at 20:36:
>> Linux/open source developers are usually not interested in fixing bugs if
>> they cannot easily reproduce them. This problem plagues virtually all Open
>> Source projects.
>Well in proprietary software you are usually required to blindly purchase an 
>upgrade and hope that the bugs afflicting you have been fixed.

    For proprietary software - users just "vote with legs" - i.e. select
another software to pay their hard earned money for - so if you don't pay
any attention to complains from customers who purchased your software
you'll get no salary shortly (and be sure, users will spread words about
bad bug fixing widely, they paid for it so they will be outraged). That
is no case for open software as you still have no money from it, whether
would you fix the bugs or not, therefore will someone use it beside you
or not, it still will be for your own fun.
    That's the difference and I have to admit that is the truth. Despite
the fact I'm open software developer myself.


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