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Re: major linux problems summary 2012


> In my opinion is a objective view of desktop linux problems and I
> would like to show it in Debian environment which always was (and is)
> a mission to create solid rock
> software.

That list is quite questionable. For example:

> Linux/open source developers are usually not interested in fixing bugs if
> they cannot easily reproduce them. This problem plagues virtually all Open
> Source projects.
Well in proprietary software you are usually required to blindly purchase an 
upgrade and hope that the bugs afflicting you have been fixed.

> Few software titles, 
false :-)
> inability to run familiar Windows software

> Distros' repositories do not contain all available open source software
well given that on github there are several toy projects, or projects made for 
courses that are completely useless for the users and abandoned in a few 
months.. i don't think ALL available open source software should even be in 
the repositories.

So yes there are some valid points, quite hard to fix, and there are also some 
points which personally i think make no sense at all.

Salvo Tomaselli

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