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Re: (seemingly) declinging bug report numbers

On Sun, Oct 21, 2012 at 10:33:36PM +0200, Didier Raboud wrote:

> Isn't that what "LSB" is meant to provide?

I guess it is, but as far as I understand, it kind of fails on the point
"is actually widely adopted by the community". Unfortunately.

> Besides that is suffers from another type of fragmentation: upstream's 
> engagements on long-term supporting their supposedly extra-stable APIs. The 
> case I'm thinking about is stuff like Qt3, that is a "must" of the LSB version 
> we will claim to support in Wheezy but that noone can reasonably claim to 
> support security-wise, because Qt upstream's moved to Qt4 (or 5, or 6 
> already?).

Indeed. Neither distributions nor LSB can promise a long-term stable API
if upstreams aren't committed to it.



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