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Re: packaging a tiny/trivial blob in a DFSG-clean way?

Marco d'Itri writes ("Re: packaging a tiny/trivial blob in a DFSG-clean way?"):
> This is an old issue which is well established, widely agreed and 
> does not really need to be discussed again. The facts are:
> - if the source and the tools to build them are in Debian, then 
>   there is no DFSG issue
> - if some binary is shipped in the source package and not rebuilt 
>   automatically every time the package is built, then this is acceptable 
>   as long as the security team will not complain
> So I recommend that you ship this tiny program pre-built and add a 
> target to debian/rules which manually rebuilds it.

I think this is the right answer.

Perhaps this should be documented somewhere.


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