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Re: mass bug filing about packages manipulating/deleting shipped files

Andreas Beckmann writes ("mass bug filing about packages manipulating/deleting shipped files"):
> So far I have seen these problems:
> * package modifies a conffile it ships
> * package modifies a non-conffile it ships
> * package deletes a (conf)file it ships
> * (maybe all these bad things on files shipped by other packages, too,
> but I didn't analyze the logs and packages in detail, yet)
> and not only as a single occurrence :-(

I'm not surprised.

> What's the appropriate severity for these bugs? I would assume serious.

AIUI that is the correct answer according to the current rules.

I think it would be worth asking the release team about this.  Fixing
them all might well take a while.  These bugs were all presumably in
squeeze and if there are many of them delaying wheezy doesn't make


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