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Re: libfm and pcmanfm in debian


darkestkhan has written on Monday,  3 September, at 19:15:
>I'm long time user of pcmanfm (though I'm using it under fluxbox) and
>I didn't have any REAL problems with it since...
>10 months or so? While there are some bugs here and there (like not
>being able to run 2 instances of it, even under different users
>(sometimes I like to run it as a root in order tom quickly copy
>something from damned ntfs)) I would be one of the last persons to
>call such trivia RC bugs (well, depending on use case that may be RC

    So it seems those bugs with crashes and everything are rare enough to
not bother most of people. Such relief. So let it stay as it is now until
release. I hope that will help Wheezy to be released earlier. :)


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