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Re: Renaming packages: maintscripts

On Sun, 2012-09-02 at 23:17 +0400, Michael Tokarev wrote:
> But the OP system does not have old autofs5 package installed,
> only the config files from it, and the maintscripts.  Which is
> exactly the problem.
> I want to ensure that if old autofs5 is installed, installing
> new autofs should pull new autofs5 TOO.
> The only way currently I see to do it is to declare autofs
> as DEPENDING on autofs5.  This is obviously ugly, but it will
> save from this very situation, and I don't see any other way.
> Is there?

# in autofs.postinst
rm -f /var/lib/dpkg/info/autofs5.postrm

(There may be a cleaner way to do this.)


Ben Hutchings
Theory and practice are closer in theory than in practice.
                                - John Levine, moderator of comp.compilers

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