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Re: Stuff from /bin, /sbin, /lib depending on /usr/lib libraries

On 31/08/12 04:39, Serge wrote:
> thus it reduces flexibility, breaking use cases, that were working before.

Please name them. "The ability to mount my /usr requires user
interaction via a UI in /usr" doesn't count, because it has never
worked, and is logically impossible.

> For example if filesystem is supposed to be network-mounted, and network is
> brought by the user, which logs into GNOME session and manually selects wifi
> connection in nm-applet, initramfs still does not help there, since you
> can't put entire gnome session into initramfs anyway.

If user interaction is required before you can mount enough filesystems
to interact with the user, then your configuration can't work; but
that's not a regression, because it can't work now either. Debian is
pretty flexible, but we can't do the impossible.

If a filesystem is not on the critical path to boot to the point where
you can get the prerequisites for mounting filesystems, you don't need
to mount it from the initramfs. (For instance, /srv isn't needed until


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