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Re: Inconsistency between mime-support, shared-mime-info and file for PHP files media types.

On Thu, 2012-08-30 at 07:16 +0900, Charles Plessy wrote:
>   A type is a subclass of another type if any instance of the first type is
>   also an instance of the second. For example, all image/svg files are also
>   text/xml, text/plain and application/octet-stream files. Subclassing is about
>   the format, rather than the category of the data (for example, there is no
>   'generic spreadsheet' class that all spreadsheets inherit from). 
This sounds highly interesting...
I wonder whether this works gracefully together with all standards (but
at a first short glance, I wouldn't see why not)... and what it needs to
make applications aware of it.

>  * file has text/x-php for files that start by <?\n or <?php.
Whew... can't that lead to false positives? (and shouldn't we
intentionally not-support "<?" *G*)

> If members of the upstream PHP community read this, how about standardising
> throuhg the IANA, or if this was alredy proposed and rejected, at least through
> a recommendation on the PHP web site ?
Well... going through the IANA processes is like fighting windmills... I
once registered some port numbers and that felt like an decade-long
process ;)
Guess that's what many communities fear, as well as the fact that IANA
demands usually lot of specs and definitions.

But of course it would be awesome if we get official MIME types and
content encodings for all those wide spread file types (tar, ar, deb ;-)
gazillions of image files, etc. pp. ) and encodings like (xz, bzip...)


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