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Re: How to handle dirty tarballs (Was: Enabling uscan to simply remove files from upstream source)

On 12-08-24 at 11:31am, Andreas Tille wrote:
> when working on patches for uscan to implement the removal of files I 
> stumbled upon one problem: What to do with dirty tarballs (which are 
> unpacking all their files straight to the unpack directory and do not 
> create a subdirectory).  When I write get-orig-source tarballs I 
> always create a <pkg>-<version> directory and unpack the content to 
> this.  Should this be implemented as well or do you think it is better 
> to change as less as possible?

he he, now you are hitting the dirty details ;-)

I seem to recall there also being tarballs having all in one subdir, but 
then including additional subdirs not really used for anything (by us at 
least). Or maybe only additional files in root dir, not more subdirs.

To answer your question: Yes, I find it reasonable to "normalize" when 

You may get some inspiration from the CDBS repackaging routines in 

I didn't succeed in that, but it should be possible to generate tarballs 
that produce identical checksum, if carefully sorting the files and 
preserving timestamps when feeding to tar.

 - Jonas

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