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Re: Change default PATH for Jessie / wheezy+1

On 08/08/12 15:38, Roger Leigh wrote:
> The number of times I've wished e.g. blkid was in my path is... zero.

What about iwconfig, ifconfig, route, modinfo, iw, fsck, mkfs.*, fsck, … It is not
just about one tool or

There are for examples two symlinks for lsmod to /bin/kmod (/sbin/lsmod and
/bin/lsmod). With sbin in PATH this would not be necessary.

> Having these immediately
> accessible to all users isn't strictly bad, but may cause confusion
> and just pollutes the namespace for tab completion etc.  If you want
> them in your path, it's trivial to add /sbin to it yourself.  I can't
> see any compelling reason to make them the default.

Many things are trivial but I think it would be best to ship good defaults in
Debian. And have all programs available for tab completion without the need to
specify sudo in front is in my opinion a good default.

There is also a question how to discover/find new tools, e.g: ifconfig doesn't
work but sudo ifconfig does. ifco<tab> doesn't work etc. This is in my opinion
inconsistent and changing PATH to include the sbin directories would fix that.

It is not like Debian would be the first one, other Distributions like Arch,
Ubuntu and Fedora have added the sbin directories some time ago and it seems to
work without a problem for them.


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