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Re: Change default PATH for Jessie / wheezy+1

On 08/08/2012 10:10 PM, Ulrich Dangel wrote:
> Many things are trivial but I think it would be best to ship good defaults in
> Debian. And have all programs available for tab completion without the need to
> specify sudo in front is in my opinion a good default.
> There is also a question how to discover/find new tools, e.g: ifconfig doesn't
> work but sudo ifconfig does. ifco<tab> doesn't work etc. This is in my opinion
> inconsistent and changing PATH to include the sbin directories would fix that.
> It is not like Debian would be the first one, other Distributions like Arch,
> Ubuntu and Fedora have added the sbin directories some time ago and it seems to
> work without a problem for them.
> cheers,
> Ulrich
Here, you are mixing multiple problems into a single one.

- shell auto completion
- location of binaries
- PATH environment variable
- sudo usage
- the fact that ifconfig isn't in a user's path

By the way, ifconfig doesn't implement all the features that
Linux offers, which makes it the wrong tool to learn / use. If
you aren't convince, see #222676 (reported in 2003),
#525012, #119616 (reported in 2001), #324306, etc.

Then, I came across #312669 ! Astonishing. It's been since
2005 that absolutely most of the issues of this thread have been
discussed already.

I don't think all this is reasonable. If the main issue is finding
ifconfig with auto completion, then #312669 should be fixed.
It seems that there's a near consensus that it's annoying (well,
I'm ok with using "ip a" like H01lger, but it seems there's some
other hold school guys that don't want to learn new stuff...).

So, is there *anyone* that would not agree with moving ifconfig
in /bin (or at least a symlink to it)? Shouldn't we address bugs
that are 7 years old and annoying a lot of people? :)



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