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Re: Change default PATH for Jessie / wheezy+1

Russ Allbery dixit:

>I don't see any point in doing this as opposed to just moving everything
>from sbin into bin and making sbin a symlink to bin.

Alone the pain to do so (and the complaints from traditionalists)
should be enough to not do that.

There’s also the “if I want to have a look at what commands on the
system are used for administering, I can just ls /sbin /usr/sbin”
thing. Additionally, non-sudo users (especially on Derivatives, but
maybe also on Debian itself) might want to have that excluded again
(e.g. by the person administering their system), which would not work
were they all in one directory.

That being said, for a mostly-tech OS, having the sbins in the $PATH
is A Good Thing. In MirBSD, I’ve been using that for years.

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