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Re: Change default PATH for Jessie / wheezy+1


Andrew Shadura has written on Wednesday,  8 August, at 13:30:
>On Wed, 08 Aug 2012 19:26:27 +0800
>Thomas Goirand <zigo@debian.org> wrote:

>> This kind of remark make be say that probably, it'd be
>> nice to have ifconfig display a warning as this one:

>> "ifconfig is deprecated, please use ip instead"

>It'd be terrible. Please don't even think of it, okay? Let people
>decide themselves what to use.

    And also it'd be completely incorrect. It should be said instead:

"ifconfig is deprecated on Debian Linux, please use ip instead"

since ip is Linux-only tool if someone of you don't know and all other
Unix-like OS still use ifconfig as main tool and on any Unix I ever had
some account command like 'ifconfig -a' is de-facto standard one. World
doesn't consist only of Debian Linux you know. :)

    And BTW, ip command is harder to use and it rather should be in the
category 'admin tool' than in the 'user tool'.

    With best wishes.

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