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Re: NEWS.Debian entries intended for developers - backwards-incompatible changes in Perl HTML::Tree (Fwd: apt-listchanges news for vinci)

On Sun, 15 Jul 2012, Filipus Klutiero wrote:
> Perl HTML::Tree 5 has backwards-incompatible interface changes.
> Version 5.00-1 added a NEWS.Debian entry to warn about that. As the


> migrated to testing and I upgraded my system. The operation was
> interrupted with a prompt which requested my intervention (I use
> apt-listchanges). I simply use Gnucash, and find this warning


> package. The proportion of people with libhtml-tree-perl using the
> package for development must be very small, and I don't think this
> entry is worth the noise. On the other hand, it's not completely
> worthless. Do we have guidance on NEWS.Debian usage, giving advice
> for such situations?

If something that depends on libhtml-tree-perl starts malfunctioning right
after the upgrade, you will know what to blame.  So, it is marginally useful
even for users.

Anyway, you use apt-listchanges, so IMHO you should expect to see a NEWS
item that doesn't interest you every now and then.  It is better than not
seeing one you should have...

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