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Re: Remote conferencing software (audio/video chat and broadcast)

+++ Tollef Fog Heen [2012-06-21 16:04 +0200]:
> ]] Russell Coker 
> > What features does Google+ offer that you believe to be lacking in
> > free software packaged for Debian?  What do you think is the easiest
> > way to fix this problem?
> Well-working multi-user video chats.  I don't think we have any tool
> capable of multi-user video chats at all.

Having used hangouts to attend a conference recently and had endless
agravation trying, (not so much from the hangouts themselves, but all
the flash surrounding them and their results), but recognising that
this is a useful service/facility, I am keen to help work on
developing and testing a free solution.

Is there a debconf-video session that could be used for discussing the
wider problem of good remote-conferencing tech, or should we arrange
another session? Does anyone else care about this subject (I care but
am currently clueless). 

> As for what the easiest way to fix the problem would be, I'm not sure,
> since I'm not an audio/video hacker.  There does exist a
> proof-of-concept implementation for Telepathy, but it's very far from
> finished and production ready.

That sounds interesting as something to evaluate.

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