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Re: Is it me or virtualbox memory management crap?

On 06/13/2012 09:14 PM, Simon McVittie wrote:
> On 13/06/12 13:46, Thomas Goirand wrote:
>> Writing to my disk is normally quite
>> fast, but I've noticed indeed that when it's VB that does it, it's slow.
>> If I don't find a way, I guess I'll switch back to Xen with NAT...
> No opinion on VirtualBox, Xen or performance thereof, but kvm is also an
> option. I sometimes run virtual machines for development, on a laptop
> with ext3 over LVM over dm-crypt (so the complete stack from VM to disk
> is: ext3, qcow2, ext3, LVM, dm-crypt, disk) and I've had acceptable
> performance. I use virt-manager to simplify dealing with the VMs.
>     S

VirtualBox is only nice because of its GUI. Otherwise, KVM or XEN
outperforms it a lot, especially on I/O. Also, VB is convenient because
of its bridging thing which works even on WiFi. Unless I'm mistaking,
Xen can't do bridging on WiFi (I'd be *very* happy to be wrong here,
so if I am, please let me know!), and NAT is always annoying me,
which is why I continue with VB for my SID VM.

Anyway, thanks for the hint, I may give (another) try with KVM. Is there
any good GUI that I could use for it (that would work in Squeeze)? Does
it performs a lot faster if I give it a full LVM partition as HDD, or I wont
see much difference with qcow2? I mainly know Xen a lot, and (a bit less)
KVM on the command line, but it'd be nice to use a GTK/Qt GUI too.


P.S: Sorry for the noise to those who don't care, I quite know it's a bit
OT for -devel, but it would really improve my work to have better VM tools.

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