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Re: Is it me or virtualbox memory management crap?

On 06/11/2012 06:46 AM, Serge wrote:
> Do you use 2.6 kernel and have FF profile and VB images on the same ext4
> partition?

My laptop setup is:
- kernel 2.6.32-5 (Squeeze...)
- RAID1 (replacing my thinkpad DVD ultrabay by a 2nd HDD)
- dm-crypt
- ext3

Yes, both the VB images and FF profile are on the same partition,
as I want both to be encrypted. Writing to my disk is normally quite
fast, but I've noticed indeed that when it's VB that does it, it's slow.
If I don't find a way, I guess I'll switch back to Xen with NAT...

> Can you reproduce that with 3.2 kernel?

Why would this change?

> PS: you can check the output of `latencytop` as well
zigo@buzig ~$ sudo latencytop
Please enable the CONFIG_LATENCYTOP configuration in your kernel.

Is there a kernel module to load? Or is this only available in 3.2?


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