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Re: Packaging on GitHub ?

On Sat, 26 May 2012, Jon Bernard wrote:
> > I see that there is already a Debian account on GitHub
> > (https://github.com/debian), currently empty.  Does it belong to a Developer ?
> > Would it be availble to maintain the euca2ools package in ? 

if there is no reply here it might be worth contacting github support
trying to figure it out or to reclaim it.  Usually they are quite open
and supportive (although I never had to deal with reclaiming)

> the utilities that Github provides. You could always use Alioth as the primary
> repository and keep an updated mirror on Github just for this sort of thing.

yeap -- FWIW I have been using such setup for many projects.  With a
help of few git aliases pushing to multiple repositories becomes very
easy to keep them in sync.

little hint -- for your clone on github in Admin page you can change the
default branch to point to 'debian' or whatever it would be if not
master where packaging would reside.

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