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Re: Moving /tmp to tmpfs makes it useless

Adam Borowski wrote:
> I think that box had jfs, but other filesystems are no different: for
> example, ext* will fsync() during a rename() call behind your back even if
> you don't request it, forcing every file to hit the disk platters even
> though they'll immediately get changed again.  For files outside /tmp/ that
> makes sense: the system has to guarantee you won't lose data during a crash.
> But why should I care about not losing temp files?

In practice, it's rare for anything that uses libc's interfaces to /tmp
(or TMPDIR directly) to rename files in /tmp. Files in /tmp are opened,
unlinked, written, read, and closed. Renaming files in /tmp is thus not
likely to be a major source of system load. My charge of premature
optimisation stands.

see shy jo

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