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Packaging on GitHub ?

Hello everybody,

for one of the packages maintained by the pkg-eucalyptus team (euca2ools), the
upstream source moved to GitHub, and we would like to try to maintain the
Debian package there as well.

I see that there is already a Debian account on GitHub
(https://github.com/debian), currently empty.  Does it belong to a Developer ?
Would it be availble to maintain the euca2ools package in ? 

I never tried GitHub before.  I know it is not Free.  The point maintaining a
Debian package on GitHub would be to easily make pull requests to Upstream.  Is
it something that would be doable from external repositories, for instance
making a pull request to GitHub from Alioth ?  (I mean, the Pull Request
function of GitHub, not sending an email Upstream saying in plain English that
they can pull from Alioth).

Have a nice Sunday,

Charles Plessy
Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Japan

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