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Re: Moving /tmp to tmpfs makes it useful

Ted Ts'o wrote:
> If you're worried about installations which don't have much memory
> (i.e., the 512mb netbook), then swap is absolutely mandatory, I would
> think!

Not really. I have no legitimate programs that use more than 50% of my 1 gb. 
I have an SSD. So why enable swap? If chromium goes crazy, the OOM killer
does what I want it to do.

> And if you consider how much memory most desktop/laptops have, and how
> often people **really** are downloading multi-gigabyte files to /tmp
> (note that browsers tend to default downloads to ~/Downloads), I
> really think the people who are agitating against tmpfs are really
> making a much more theoretical argument than one that seems likely to
> be hit by an unsophisticated user --- and a sophistcated user can
> easily decide whether to use /tmp on disk or not.

I read the debian-user list and have forwarded a half-dozen cases of
users experiencing problems with tmpfs /tmp to the BTS.

see shy jo

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