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Re: /tmp on multi-FS set-ups, or: block users from using /tmp?

2012/5/26 Andrei POPESCU wrote:

> Maybe trying to kill two birds with one stone, but what if the display
> managers would set TMPDIR to ~/tmp/ (or ~/.cache/tmp or whatever)?

What's the point of dropping /tmp and then reinventing it in another
place on disk? Everyone could just continue using /tmp on disk then...

If the point is to have /home and /tmp on the same partiton then:
# install  -d  -m  1777  -o  root  -g  root  /home/tmp
# mount  --bind  /tmp  /home/tmp
[edit /etc/fstab to have the mount permanent]
That gives /tmp on a /home partition without memory/swap headache.
As a bonus it will clean on boot automatically.


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